Toby started his CrossFit journey in August 2016 when he joined CF Immense. He is a Clackamas area native, where he has been involved in competitive athletics as a player and a coach since he was a kid. With its strong sense of community, wide range of intensity and competitiveness, and varying functional movements, CrossFit was an easy fit for Toby. He coached high school and youth basketball and soccer during his 20 year career as a high school math teacher and administrator. Toby earned his CrossFit Level 1 in August 2021, and has been coaching classes at CF Immense since then. Toby’s wife and two kids also attend CFI.  They enjoy a variety of outdoor activities (hiking, snowshoeing, paddle boarding, kayaking) and sports (competitive basketball) that complement their CrossFit training. Toby and his family also enjoy visiting other CrossFit boxes when they travel on their constant search for sun and warm sandy beaches.