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“I have been a been a member of this gym for 3 years. The staff is amazing. The truly care about you and make you feel at home no matter the skill level. Even the members are welcoming and supportive. Lyman and Kelsey are approachable and will do their best to aid in your journey to becoming a healthier individual.”

~ Jennifer Mendoza

“CrossFit Immense is fantastic!! The whole atmosphere and all of the members make it so fun and welcoming at any level of fitness. Lyman knows how to teach the fundamentals and importance of proper techniques and knows when and how to modify workouts for each person as an individual. I would recommend Immense to anyone and everyone! If you try it once, you’ll be hooked :)”

~ Nicole

“Best Crossfit Gym in Town… This place improves by the day leading to daily improvement of each member…Family/Friendly environment…You don’t have to be a Crossfit Champion to be there… but if you go there you might as well become one…”

~ Haitham H.