Kelsey CrossFit Trainer Near Milwaukie

Hi friends, I am Kelsey, co-owner and coach at CrossFit Immense. My husband and I started this gym after being introduced to CrossFit by a good friend. I worked for a well-known globo gym for 6 years as an Operation Manager prior to opening Immense, making me no stranger to the gym atmosphere. Growing up and into my 20’s, fitness unfortunately was not part of my life. I was late to the party but am so glad I came. I enjoy working with people who are just starting their fitness journey as I know how hard it is to just start. I hold a CF-L1 certification and have 10 years of experience coaching people of every skill level. From someone who has never stepped foot into a gym to athletes who compete in the sport. I have an outgoing personality, love to laugh, and never take myself to seriously. I can’t wait to meet you!