Train With A Movement Focused Mine


Train With A Movement Focused Mine

Train With A Movement Focused Mind

What do you focus on when you work out? Is it a specific body part or the intensity of the workout? Maybe its chasing after a time or a weight. Perhaps it’s trying to get the best of your gym buddy in a workout. What ever your focus might be, it should be and needs to be on how you move. What I mean by ‘how you move’ is this: Is your technique and movement sound, safe, and correct? When you are working out, whatever your training style is, you should focus on your movement. It will tell you if your moving too fast. It will tell you if the weight you are trying to move is too heavy.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are doing a squat with no weight at all. The movement looks great and feels great while you do a body weight squat. You then decide to add weight and put it on your back. You then go to squat and now can’t get to the depth you were accomplishing when you had no weight. This means your technique and movement are breaking down. This means the weight you added is too heavy and you need to lighten the load. Asking yourself these questions and assessing your movement with every lift and movement you do, will not only keep you healthy but will be a huge help in increasing your overall fitness over time.

When you’re working out, always ask yourself this “Am I moving the best way I can?”. If you train alone, you can use a camera/video to check your movement. For those of us who work out with friends, ask them to watch your movement and give feedback. Our main focus is, and always will be, to move better. When we move better, we stay safe. Staying safe allows us to continue to return to the gym day after day. This leads to improved health.

Lyman Hiter III